Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas Market Adventures - Germany & France

If you are ever afforded the opportunity to visit Germany during the Christmas season, you are fortunate!    I have always wanted to experience the Christmas markets and villages in Germany, and I was able to do so this past December.   It was completely magical and an amazing time!!  Here are some pictures of a few different towns we visited.

Cologne is located on the Rhine and has 6 different markets, the largest being the Kölner Dom.
The market is located in front of the impressive backdrop of Cologne's landmark, the Cathedral
 There was an amazing choir that performed on this twinkling stage.
These potato cakes and applesauce became one of my favorite snacks.

Düsseldorf's Christmas Market was nice too and not to far from Cologne.   There is also tons of pubs and restaurants in this area as well.

Reichsburg Cochem/Castle 

The Moselle River

Tiny streets, castle ruins, ancient wine cellars all make this a charming place to stop... to pee.

Bernkastel-Kues is well known wine growing region in the Middle Moselle.

The Trier Christmas Market has the backdrop of the cathedral

Wood-fired goodness!

The Porta Nigra

located in historical St. Johanner Market square


Strasbourg, France
"The Capital of Noel"

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