My name is Rachelle, and this blog is about some of my ridiculous antics, and the happenings in my life.

I’m about my golden retriever, Riley (hello! Have you seen how cute he is??). 

I’m about forgiveness and second chances.

I’m about running (but you’d never know by looking at my ass and thighs).

I’m about Jesus and His love for humanity. I also happen to think that if you are a close-minded, judgmental, legalistic prick- you should never admit you know Him – Seriously! 

I'm about good wine, and every amazing scrumptious fatty food you can pair with a glass (who am I kidding, a bottle). 

I’m about playing soccer, and believe it is far more cost effective than therapy.

I’m about grace, and believe that it changes everything.

I’m about the outdoors, sunshine touching my skin, and tan lines.

I'm about family, and will gouge your eyes out with a spoon if you dare to mess with mine.

I’m about speaking the truth, even when it costs a lot.

I’m about food, and would contemplate violence for a hearty helping of carbs.

I’m about traveling, and believe a soul needs adventure to thrive.

I’m about procrastinating, and I do not like this about myself.

I’m about laughter, more than most other things.

I’m about community, and taking care of our neighbors, no matter who they are, or where we find them.

I’m about music, and believe it makes life so much sweeter.

I believe making an “About Me” section on my blog is slightly narcissistic, and I feel mildly embarrassed for doing so.

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