Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chania, Greece

Chania (Greek: Χανιά) lies along the north coast of the island of Crete and is the second largest city (first is Heraklion).  Even though Chania was heavily bombed during World War II, the crumbling Venetian harbor, and Old Town (the heart of touristic traffic), are still thought to be the most beautiful urban district on Crete.  Behind the harbor is the area of Topanas. The area of Topanas is very charming and colorful, narrow alleys and old picturesque buildings, most of which have been restored and are functioning as restaurants, shops, hotels, and bars.  Chania also boast a lively nightlife and is the center of much activity.    
I enjoy wandering in and out of the little alleys and shops.  There is a little juice stand where you pick out whatever fruits you want and they juice it for you... Yum!!    Riley and I will sometimes just grab a table and people watch for hours.   This is also a great place to get a pedicure (I like this place   Chania also has a great produce markets on the weekends.




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